Bryan Weiss, President and CEO

Bryan Weiss

Bryan Weiss is the President and CEO of Marian Financial Partners, Inc., a wealth coaching and a Registered Investment Adviser firm located in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. With over 265 clients under management, they guide professionals and retirees toward achieving and maintaining life long financial independence and are unique in that they are one of the very few local firms that teach Free Market Investment Strategy. Every client is first coached, and then provided with a detailed strategy based on their stated goals, risk tolerance and objectives. We live in a world of financial chaos: market volatility, information overload, and unlimited financial products from which to choose. Bryan is dedicated to educate, coach and help clients discover and achieve their true purpose for money. You can also see Bryan featured in Marian financial TV. He also makes guest appearances on Matson Money and local radio shows where he uses his many financial skills to educate investors.