Indiana This Week – March 2010 Radio Show

Indiana This Week – February 2010 Radio Show

Weiss Family Update

Haylee & Allyson have just finished their softball season. The Indiana Irish Team coached by Gary Armbruster did outstanding this season. The team assembled by Gary was by far the best group of kids and parents the Weiss gang has ever played with. The team finished their season with a National Tournament in Columbus, Ohio. Next years softball tryouts begin the weekend of August 7th and the teams will play fall ball to get acquainted with each other and the new coaches. It never stops! Oh yeah, the St. Barnabas CYO kickball season is beginning with school starting on August 17th. Needless to say, Kathy is very busy in many directions. 

Kathy & Bryan did successfully complete the 5k portion of the Mini-Marathon with a personal best times for Kathy of 28:21 and Bryan at 28:22 (ladies first). The whole family did manage to get together for a bike ride on the Monon and completed a 25 mile ride in July. The whole family is hoping to participate in the Hope Ride in Hope, Indiana and complete a 50 mile bike ride. Following the Hope Ride, the gang is planning to run a new 5k run at Mallow Run Winery in late September. 

Rudy, our adopted Sheltie, is recovering from recent heart worm treatment. As you may recall, we adopted Rudy at the age of 5 in April 2009. He had his one year check up this spring and they discovered that he had heart worms. The vet could not locate any previous heart worm examine info so it appears as though the heart worm part of the screening process slipped through the cracks. One of the requirements of the treatments is no exercise, long walks or excitement for the dog for approximately 8 weeks. So far, Rudy seems to be doing very well and no apparent side effects from the treatment. Although he does appear a little heavier than he was…it wouldn’t have anything to do with the peanut butter treats Kathy gives him. No wonder he likes her best. Enjoy the weather…winter is around the corner. 

Bush Tax Cuts Set to Expire

How will you be affected tax wise if the cuts are not extended? How will you benefit if the cuts expire in 5 months? The tax cuts are technically know as: The Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (“JGTRRA”, Pub.L. 108-27, 117 Stat. 752), and was passed by the United States Congress on May 23, 2003 and signed into law by President George W. Bush on May 28, 2003. Nearly all of the cuts—individual rates, capital gains, dividends, estate tax—are set to expire after 2010. It appears that we will all be touched in one way or another if the tax cuts expire…namely through individual tax rates and adjustments on capital gains and dividends. For an interesting and colorful debate on this very subject, check out our portfolio manager, Mark Matson while on Fox Business at: This is one area that you may want to get involved and let your voice be heard regardless of what your position is. Contact your representatives and make sure they know what you’re thinking. That’s what we pay them for…to represent us. 


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