A Nobel Prize Winner!

We are happy to inform you that one of the key economic engineers behind our portfolio design has received a Nobel Prize in Economics!  Below is the official information from our portfolio manager, Matson Money.

“We here at Matson Money have been working closely with Dr. Fama for over 20 years as his market theories were instrumental in the development of our portfolios. His Efficient Market Hypothesis has been utilized by us since the inception of the firm and as proven by his well deserved Nobel Prize, still hold true today. Thank you and congratulations on this prestigious honor Dr. Fama!”


I’ve had the honor of attending several conferences where Dr. Fama has spoken about his Efficient Market Hypothesis. It’s amazing to hear him speak about the main philosophy our portfolios are built on. Congratulations Dr. Fama!


Here I am hanging around with Dr. Eugene Fama & David Booth in Chicago last year. Who knew that I would be hanging out with a Nobel Prize Winner? I am very fortunate to have been able to hear him speak in person on several occasions. Great stuff!

Government Shutdown, Fiscal Cliff and Your Portfolio

Every Single Investor Needs to See This Video!

Are you concerned about the impending doomsday scenario and the effect it may have on your investment portfolio? Check out this video where we address that concern and cover the three simple rules of investing that are so easy, a fifth grader can understand them.

I’m actually mentioned several times in this segment of the Matson Live Show. Mark covers a lot of issues many folks are thinking right now.

Let me know what you think.

Monthly Investor Education Class Series

When Is The Right Time To PANIC?

3 Class  Times, 2 dates, In Our Office


With headlines coming at you from every direction, each laced with fear and negativity, how do you know when is the right time to really be afraid? When is the right time to panic? In this class we will show you how the media and news headlines have historically swayed investors to do exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. We will give you the mindset to interpret and combat these headlines with facts and historical evidence that will give you confidence to stay on track and continue to make the right decision for your portfolio long-term.

This is a must see class.

Mon., Oct. 28th @ 10:30 am


Tues., Oct. 29th @ 2:00 pm* & 6:30 pm

*Immediately following the Tues. 2:00 class we will have pizza & watch the Matson Live Show, so plan to hang around for a little while*

Call 317-888-9465

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or email us at: katie@marianfinancial.com to reserve your seats

We are limited to 20 people per class so call or email soon to reserve your seat.

This Is Why We Invest!

There’s lots of fear going around regarding the unknown.  People are losing hope…scared of what tomorrow will bring.  Before you know it, investors can find themselves in a state despair and consider doing imprudent things just to stop the pending doom of the world.

Fortunately our investors are coached and learn why the unknown is a good thing and we embrace it.  As long-term investors, we see the world with a much more optimistic outlook.

Check out this quick video to see why we invest to begin with.  Please share this video with your friends and family that may not have such an outlook on the future.

Let me know what you think.

Good Stuff Happening!

That’s right. Even in the midst of all the doom & gloom constantly bombarding us lately, there’s good stuff happening. First suggestion: Turn off the news programs! Check out this quick video to see what’s up. I also include a tip of the day and homework for each viewer.

Let me know what you find.

Don’t forget, our OPEN HOUSE event is October 12th!

Reservations Required…We Are Almost Full!

You May Have Noticed We Moved




DAY: Saturday, October 12th

TIME: 1:00-3:00 PM

WHERE: 698 Oldefield Commons Drive, Suite 1, Greenwood, IN 46142


We may be new to the neighborhood, but we’re not new to the investment world. Marian Financial Partners is an investor coaching firm. We assist our investors with investing their retirement assets in globally diversified portfolios at a risk they understand. Then we offer on-going investor education classes here in our office. That’s right. We have investor education classes right here in the heart of Greenwood. Come to our open house and check out our new classroom.

We invite you to come out and see our New Office and CLASSROOM. You’ll receive a tour of our entire 3,200 sq. ft. office space and meet the entire
Marian Financial Partners Team.

  • Refreshments & Hors d’oeuvres catered by Pipers Cafe/Restaurant located outside
  • Free Rides in the 2 Seater IndyCar around the neighborhood
  • You’ll have a chance to win great door prizes

RSVP’s Required. Don’t Delay. Space is Limited

We Will Only Take The First 100 Reservations
Call 317-888-9465 or email: kathy@marianfinancial.com

It’s a Sign…

It’s official! We have signage on our building. We even have a couple special signs for you. Check out this quick video to find out what we have for you. I also have special instructions at the end of the video.

Let me know what you think.

Don’t forget, our OPEN HOUSE event is October 12th!

Monthly Investor Education Class Series

3 Classes, 2 dates, In Our Office

 Rebalancing Your Portfolio!


We’re almost at the end of the 3rd quarter! What happens within the first couple of weeks immediately following the end of a quarter? The REBALANCING of our portfolios…only if it’s necessary. What’s really happening when your account is rebalanced? Does it cost you more in fees? In this class you’ll find out what’s in it for you, what’s in it for Matson Money and Schwab. You’ll also learn that not all rebalancing is the same. Many folks say they do it but few do it to the degree Matson Money does for our investors.        

This is a must see class.   

Weds., Sept. 25th @ 10:30 am


Thurs., Sept. 26th @ 2:00 pm & 6:30 pm


Call 888-9465

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or email us at: kathy@marianfinancial.com  to reserve your seats

We are limited to 20 people per class so call or email soon to reserve your seat.

What In The World Is Going On?

There’s lots of uncertainty in the world today. How does this affect investors? Should we start panicking now? Should we look at other options like gold?

If you’re one of our many educated investors, you most likely already know the answers to most of these concerns. Check out this quick video to see what our strategy is now to address these uncertain times.

Let me know what you think.

Cool Name…It’s Still Gambling!

Question:  Do you know the three warning signs that you’re gambling & speculating with your money versus prudently investing it?

Answer: Stock picking, Market-timing & Track-record investing.

That’s old news and most of our investors know this information.  However, some bullies will re-package these destructive behaviors in clever, cool/hip names to lure investors in.

Let me know what you think.