Where’s The Growth?

Where’s The Growth?  Lot’s of folks are still talking about the U.S. stock market and economy.  Last year was a pretty good year for the U.S. large stocks.  What’s missing from these conversations?  

Check out this quick video for the answers.  Enjoy!

The Crash Is Never The Problem!

That’s right!  The crash is never the problem.  So what is?  Check out the video and you’ll find out.

We have the truth on how to deal with this market craziness we’ve been seeing lately.

Do you know what a two or three year worst case scenario is for your mix of assets?  If not, shouldn’t you?  Long-term investing is not a catchy slogan when the markets seem to be good.  Long-term investing in our world is life-long.  You can truly invest life-long if you really understand your worst case scenario for your investments.

You are invited to attend one of our upcoming classes over the weeks ahead so you can invest with confidence even in these volatile times.

Crash Not Problem


Past performance is not indicative of future results.

It’s Tax Time Again!

It’s tax time again!  I know everyone loves this time of year…especially April 15th.  This year the 15th falls on a Tuesday.

Please don’t wait until the second week in April to get your tax papers in order.  If you haven’t already done so, get started now.  In fact, I have had my taxes for two weeks now.  It’s not even spring yet and my taxes are done!  Amazing!
If you’re eligible and would like to make a previous year (2013) contribution to your IRA or Roth IRA accounts, please do so no later than April 9th.   We need to have your previous year contributions in our office no later than April 9th to ensure you will be credited in your account accordingly.

Feel free to email or call our office if you have any questions.  Please consult your tax professional on your eligibilty for IRA or Roth IRA contributions.

Mark Matson is in the Hot Seat – Fox Business

It’s amazing how all of the sudden the media wants to talk about U.S. Small Caps and Micro Cap companies.  Do you think it has anything to do with the outstanding performance these asset classes had in 2013?  You bet!  That’s called hindsight or past performance investing…bad idea. Fortunately for our investors, we’re always invested in multiple assets classes including U.S. Small Caps and Micro Cap companies through good times and bad.  That’s how we receive market rates of returns.  No stock picking, market timing or past performance (track record) investing required.  Check out the link to Mark’s latest visit to Fox Business with Cheryl Casone.  Cheryl tries very hard to trap Mark into endorsing gambling instead of owning a diversified portfolio.

Mark’s back in the hot seat, waging the battle against stock picking. In this segment with Cheryl Casone, Mark shares how Small Cap and International stocks play a major role in creating a prudently diversified portfolio and why buying individual stocks increases an investors’ risk exposure.

Market Correction Coming Soon!

It’s bound to happen…isn’t it?  The markets are at an all time high.  How do investors protect themselves from market corrections? Remember this, markets are random and unpredictable. Be prepared for any situation. Check out this quick video to see our strategy for addressing this issue.  Let me know what you think.