Optimizing Investments

What You Need To Know to Become an Optimum Investor

At Marian Financial Partners we believe that all investors should be encouraged to increase their knowledge of investing. As a result, we offer clients the opportunity to attend regularly scheduled workshops. We call this education process the Investor Education Series.

  • Separating Myths From Truths: The Story of Investing
  • Choosing Your Investment Philosophy
  • Examining Your Expectations
  • Understanding the Dimensions of Risk & Return
  • The Investment Vortex: Getting Through the Black Hole of Investing
  • Structuring Your Free Market Portfolio
  • Costs: The Dark Side of Investing
  • The Critical Mindset for Harnessing the Power of Free Markets
  • The History of Investing
  • The Benefits of International Investing
  • Putting Risk To Work for Your Portfolio
  • The Grand Enigmas of Investing

We also provide clients with a Life Coaching Series. These workshops are designed to help clients focus more on the personal aspects of their life and family.

  • Discovering Your True Purpose for Money
  • Defeating Your Money Demons
  • Revealing Your Distinctive Genius
  • Creating Your Core Covenants

If you are not being offered an opportunity to receive important investor education then please give us a call and see how Marian Financial Partners can help you achieve a more meaningful investment experience.