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“You don’t need to know everything…you just need to know the right things”.

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 Through global investing, we are participating in and encouraging the growth and development of free markets around the world.

We believe that by helping investors realize their wealth potential and create peace of mind about investing, that they in turn can create massive positive change in the world.

An Important Message for Every Investor

An Important Message For Every Investor

Inevitably downward market volatility causes stress, anxiety and in some cases panic. My message today for investors is not to lose sight of your long-term goals and time horizon. Short-term volatility is to be expected, and doesn’t mean that your portfolio isn’t working. While it goes against all of our human instincts, this is the time to remain disciplined and rebalance. For those of you feeling distressed, confused, or anxious talk to your coach and get your questions answered. Your long-term peace of mind is on the line.


Coaching Through the Debt Ceiling

Coaching Through the Debt Ceiling

Check out this recent segment of Matson Money Live where investor coach Bryan Weiss joined us in studio to discuss the debt ceiling and how he has been coaching investors lately.


Coach vs. Facilitator (DFA vs. Vanguard)

Coach vs. Facilitator (DFA vs. Vanguard)

In a recent episode of Matson Money Live, we had a discussion that surrounded being a coach vs. being a facilitator using DFA and Vanguard as our case study. You should definitely check out the set-up of this discussion and some specific insights from investor coach Bryan Weiss who joined us in studio for this debate.


DFA vs Vangaurd

DFA vs. Vanguard

You should definitely check out this Matson Money Live segment where we discuss DFA vs. Vanguard. We used research from Duke University for this battle. This powerful segment shows how “cheaper” is not always better and can be extremely costly to your portfolio. A special thanks goes out to Bryan Weiss for joining us in the Matson Money studios.


Bryan Weiss appears on Matson Money

Bryan Weiss appears on Matson Money

In this segment meet our guest host, Bryan Weiss of Marian Financial Partners, a member of the Matson Money Wolf Pack. Bryan will tell us about his approach to coaching investors.



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