Mark Matson is in the Hot Seat – Fox Business

It’s amazing how all of the sudden the media wants to talk about U.S. Small Caps and Micro Cap companies.  Do you think it has anything to do with the outstanding performance these asset classes had in 2013?  You bet!  That’s called hindsight or past performance investing…bad idea. Fortunately for our investors, we’re always invested in multiple assets classes including U.S. Small Caps and Micro Cap companies through good times and bad.  That’s how we receive market rates of returns.  No stock picking, market timing or past performance (track record) investing required.  Check out the link to Mark’s latest visit to Fox Business with Cheryl Casone.  Cheryl tries very hard to trap Mark into endorsing gambling instead of owning a diversified portfolio.

Mark’s back in the hot seat, waging the battle against stock picking. In this segment with Cheryl Casone, Mark shares how Small Cap and International stocks play a major role in creating a prudently diversified portfolio and why buying individual stocks increases an investors’ risk exposure.

What’s Up With The U.S. Dollar?

We’ve heard for quite some time that we should fear the collapse of the dollar and high inflation. If that should happen, how do we protect our investments?

Most people say their investments are diversified. Really? How diversified are they when it comes to currency diversification among their investment portfolios? Check out this quick video to see how we address this issue.  Feel free to forward this email on to your family and friends…there’s really good chance that they’ve never heard of anything like this.

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