What In The World Is Going On?

There’s lots of uncertainty in the world today. How does this affect investors? Should we start panicking now? Should we look at other options like gold?

If you’re one of our many educated investors, you most likely already know the answers to most of these concerns. Check out this quick video to see what our strategy is now to address these uncertain times.

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What’s Up With The U.S. Dollar?

We’ve heard for quite some time that we should fear the collapse of the dollar and high inflation. If that should happen, how do we protect our investments?

Most people say their investments are diversified. Really? How diversified are they when it comes to currency diversification among their investment portfolios? Check out this quick video to see how we address this issue.  Feel free to forward this email on to your family and friends…there’s really good chance that they’ve never heard of anything like this.

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Global Economic Armageddon

Monthly Investor Education Class Series


4 Classes, 2 dates, In Our Office.


Oh My Goodness!

Global Economic Armageddon!


The global markets just finished a wild week.  Lots of folks are saying this time it’s different.  Is it really?  How bad can it get? 

Should you get out of the market?   

Be among the very first investors to see our new classroom!  That’s right, these classes will be in our brand new classroom at our new office.  This will be a great opportunity to attend a very relevant class and see our new location too.

Monday, July 8th @ 2:00 pm & 6:30 pm


Weds., July 10th @ 2:00 pm & 6:30 pm

Call 888-9465 or email us at: kathy@marianfinancial.com to reserve your seats.

We are limited to 20 people per class so call or email soon to reserve your seat.

We are meeting at our NEW office located at :
698 Oldefield Commons Drive, Suite 1, Greenwood, Indiana  46142. 


Tables & Chairs have arrived in our classroom!
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