So You Think You Can Time The Market?

Are you, your family or friends beginning to worry about the recent downward market volatility? If so, this class will help put everything back into perspective.

  • Is Market Timing Stress Free?
  • Is Market Timing the same as playing Russian Roulette with your money?
  • Is it possible to get in and out of the market at exactly the right time…every time?

This is a MUST SEE class!

DATE: Tuesday, February 11th
TIME: 6:30 pm

Dinner & Discussions

We will have Jet’s Pizza for dinner during the class.

Call 888-9465 (leave a message) or email us at: to reserve your seats. We are limited to 20 people per class so call or email soon to reserve your seat.

Cool Name…It’s Still Gambling!

Question:  Do you know the three warning signs that you’re gambling & speculating with your money versus prudently investing it?

Answer: Stock picking, Market-timing & Track-record investing.

That’s old news and most of our investors know this information.  However, some bullies will re-package these destructive behaviors in clever, cool/hip names to lure investors in.

Let me know what you think.