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Getting Through the Black Hole of Investing

3 Class Times, 2 dates, In Our Office


Why have we stressed that the most critical component of the potential for success is the discipline to “stay the course”? This class illustrates the risk of changing your investment strategy frequently. Prudent investors need to understand how critical it is to reduce the risks related to changing asset categories too quickly. The large variance in potential returns created by frequent switching of funds makes long-term planning for goals, such as retirement, virtually impossible.

This is a good class to bring a guest so they too can see the true benefits of long-term investing. 

Tues., Nov. 19th @ 2:00 pm* & 6:30 pm


Weds., Nov. 20th @ 10:30 am

*Immediately following the Tues. 2:00 class we will have pizza & watch the Matson Live Show, so plan to hang around for a little while*

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We are limited to 20 people per class so call or email soon to reserve your seat.

Mark is Back On The Air – Fox Studios

Check out Mark’s debut live from the Fox studios in NYC where he takes our message back to the media and the world! This segment covers it all… fighting for main street investors and outing the wall street bullies!

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Mark is Back On The Air @

Past performance is not indicative of future results.

How to Talk to Clients About WHAT?

I found an article in a recent financial trade magazine with tips on how advisors can introduce speculative investments to their investors.  It’s natural for investors to be emotional regarding investing.  Many times doubt can erode an investors discipline and other times the greed bug can bite an investor to wonder what they may be missing.  In either case, the Wall Street bullies are waiting to assist the undisciplined/un-coached investor.

Check out this quick video to see how we talk to our investors about these issues.

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Good Stuff Happening!

That’s right. Even in the midst of all the doom & gloom constantly bombarding us lately, there’s good stuff happening. First suggestion: Turn off the news programs! Check out this quick video to see what’s up. I also include a tip of the day and homework for each viewer.

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The Important Question…

I had someone ask me to describe what we do for our investors in one sentence.  WOW…was that a tough one for me.  I love what I do and to limit me to one sentence was difficult.  Check out this video to see how I responded to this question.

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